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Here is another outfit post from sunny Cyprus and this time it’s not just me posing but I have an aspiring little model to help me out with the photo shoot. Today I wore my favorite denim shorts and crop top paired with golden sandals and aviator sunglasses.

You can’t really go wrong with a pair of jean shorts.  This versatile fashion item has plenty of different colors, styles and designs, and is super easy to style up or down to fit your style. No matter if you are plus size, petite or skinny, whether your style is completely casual and bohemian or perfectly put together and polished, there is a perfect pair of shorts out there waiting for you.

However, do keep in mind that finding a great fit and look of shorts (or all other clothes) is all about knowing which style looks good and comfortable for your personality and body shape.






Sunglasses: Warehouse

Crop top: Boohoo

Denim shorts: Pepe Jeans

Sandals: Miss KG

Mood: Feeling blessed to spend time with my loved ones!


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