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I’ve given myself a goal of getting fit for holiday. I have just over a month left and I can already see some results. I am actually amazed by this. Why? Because excercise wise I am really lazy. I normally quit within weeks. I really hate exercise. But it seems I’ve found something that might actually work for me. I wrote in my previous article on the fit for holiday challenge that I’ve started using Xbox fitness. As my main issue with my body is my belly area (after giving birth to my two awesome little munchkins it looks like a sad deflated balloon). I’ve chosen Killer Abs by Jillian Michaels and I am actually not hating it… I have also consulted a friend of mine for diet advice and am trying to follow his food plan. That too is going surprisingly well. This getting fit and healthy thing doesn’t seem to be a struggle at all. Who knew!


Why does this seem to work although many other workouts in the past haven’t? You get points when working harder. I suppose I am rather competitive because I really want to get 5 stars, like all the time. When I feel that I cannot do anymore yet see that I’m nearly awarded with a top score I work harder. Clever stuff. Also the workout isn’t too much – 30 minute sessions are probably just as much as I can take right now. Level one starts out pretty simply – you can modify your moves to make it harder or easier. I think if it was just awful from the start I’d call it quits immediately. You won’t reach the next level until you’ve perfected the workout. And to be honest I wouldn’t have the strenght or stamina to go to level 3 from the start. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and I am already starting to see some definition in the belly area. Also I can feel that there are some muscles there now. I haven’t been excercising every day, more like 3-4 times a week max. I would love to do it every morning but Isabella really hates when I do it for some reason and thinks it’d be a great idea to sit on top of me – that adds some weight of course and might actually help ­čśÇ



So let’s talk about this new food plan. As I mentioned above I’ve had some help from a friend of mine – Kaarel Sisask, a vegan personal trainer. I had my concerns about a vegan diet at first because I am still breastfeeding and for some reason I was really low on milk. I started with keeping a food diary of my current nutrition habits. I was in for a surprise – on a day when I thought I had eaten a lot more than normally my calorie count only got to 1700. No wonder there was hardly any milk for the little man. I wasn’t intentionally starving myself or trying to lose weight. If you have small children this is probably too familiar to you – mummy eats last, after everyone has had theirs. Food is almost always cold by then and appetite has also disappeared. On many occasions I skipped lunch just because kiddo was asleep and I thought – oh I’ll just tidy up a bit whilst I have time. In the end forgetting to have lunch at all. That resulted in a low appetite at dinner as well. A really stupid thing to do, I see that now. But at the time I didn’t think there was anything wrong and thought I am supposed to feel┬átired all the time.


I started following his meal plan just under 3 weeks ago. At first I decided that I would still have fish and cheese in case my milk supply starts to decrease. Or for whatever reason I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve had a little bit of fish on some occasions and a tiny amount of cheese with some meals. I also decided that I am not going to fuss too much because the whole point of this was to ┬ámake me feel good. At first I was struggling to eat as many meals as on the plan – 5 a day. Also I haven’t been much of a fruit eater, I don’t really know why. So at first it was a big change for me. 4 bananas a day, on top of that 8 other servings of fruit, on top of that more vegetables. It took me about 3 days to get used to this and I am loving it now. Tasty smooties, salads and experimenting with different meals. I am particularly fond of chickpeas. I have modified the mealplan a bit as well. Instead of a cup of beans and salad I would make beanburgers or falafels for example.


So, I thought that I would run out of milk and crave cheese and steak all day. Wrong! I have a lot more milk now. A lot. I don’t feel tired when I’m woken up at 6.30 in the morning. I don’t crave meat at all. I’ve tried a few mouthfuls and to be honest it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Don’t care that much about cheese anymore either. I am glad that I decided to seek advice – on my own I probably would’ve done something stupid like eat salad all day, run out of milk and feel bad about it. To all the vegan haters – you don’t have to be malnourished as a vegan. You just need to know what and how much you should eat. I am absolutely loving it right now. Thank you, Kaarel!

Will keep you posted on my progress. Let’s see if I can reach my goals for the 20th of April and get fit for holiday.



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