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I’ve just booked our family holiday. Off to get some sun and sea air at the end of April. This means that now is the last time to start getting fit for holiday. Even though I have been extremely lucky with my little ones. Babyweight has disapeared and thanks to a more healthier lifestyle than what I was living before getting pregnant I also weigh less now. However your body does go through some drastic changes when having a baby so my bikini figure is far from perfect. So I have decided to challenge myself and get fit for holiday.

One problem though… I hate excercise. Gym is not my friend. I have never really been into excercising. My longest gym membership lasted 3 months and I cancelled because I felt bad for spending my money on something I didn’t use. So, yeah, I’m a bit of a lazy b***. If you too don’t regularly go for runs early in the morning and don’t have a sixpack, I’m sure you can relate to this.

But I’m determined to get into great shape. And there surely must be an enjoyable way of doing that! I don’t feel comfortable in the gym and hate running, but I’ve found something that might actually work for me – Xbox! I love video games. I have been playing Just Dance 2016 with my little one and it is great fun. It also has an excercise mode where it estimates how many calories you’ve burnt during different songs. I’m also trying out Xbox fitness. Downloaded a game or fitness app,  it is called Killer Abs. And I am actually really getting into it. Gamifying excercising really seems to work for me. When I am at the stage that I’d normally probably sit down and quit, with the xbox I work so much harder just to get the perfect score. Might be silly, but hey, if it works…

I’ve also contacted Kaarel Sisask – CEO & Founder of Planthlete, Personal Trainer and a classmate of mine. Inspirational young man who will will help me get fit, because let’s be honest – I have no idea what I’m doing here.

I will be posting videos, pictures and posts about my efforts. My deadline is April 20th. Come on Liina, you can do it!

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