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I have already gotten used to my wonderful new mane and am slowly but surely starting to learn to braid and style my hair. As I told you in my hair extensions article my hair has been shoulder length and really low maintenance my whole life. I’ve never needed this skill set before. At first I started practicing on my little daughter but she didn’t want mummy fumbling around and messing up her hair. Her dolls didn’t have enough hair on their heads to try out cool braids. After that I watched a ton of tutorials online, gathered inspiration and started trying out different hairstyles on myself. Some days are better than others and I’ve documented most of them. Today I’d like to share my three favorite looks. These hairstyles are quite easy to execute  after you become best friends with the flat iron and pesky hairpins.

Elf Hair

This hairdo looks simple enough but quite a lot of work goes into it. You need to straighten your hair very carefully. Spread your hair into at least four layers and iron from the bottom layer up for the best result. Don’t forget to use flatiron serum and conditioning oil on the ends of your hair.

Part your hair after you have straightened. I have made a side part this time but you can do it in the middle if you like. Tie the bottom part of your hair leaving the top layer of your hair to be braided. Start braiding from your temples and connect the braids, fasten in the back with pins.

soengud hairstyles 1

soengud hairstyles 2

soengud hairstyles 3

The Double Crown

This hairstyle looks super complicated but is actually much easier to execute than the Elf braid. Flattening and precision are not required but you could actually wear the end result to a ball if you wanted to. Part your hair and braid into two long braids fastening the ends. Tie the braids into a knot. You can actually do a few of those knots for an even more intricate look. Fasten the knot to your crown with hairpins and hide the ends of the braids inside of your hairdo. This kind of hairstyles require a lot of hairpins so keep them on hand to fasten your hairdo properly! Finish it off with some shine spray or decorate with hair accessories or fresh flowers for a special occasion.

soengud hairstyles 4

soengud hairstyles 5

soengud hairstyles 6

The Perfect Curls

This is undoubtedly my favorite hairstyle. Beautiful princess curls! My darling partner gave me a curling iron as a present to celebrate my new hair extensions, but to tell you the truth I’ve always liked the curls you make with a flatiron better. You should really try it if you haven’t. It’s quite weird at first and takes a lot of practice, but the result is worth it. Flat iron serum is especially important with this hairstyle because as you are starting out learning to curl your hair with a flat iron it’s going to take a lot more time than regular ironing and your hair is exposed to the heat source for longer periods of time. The idea of it is simple. You take a part of your hair, place it between the flatiron and twirl the flat iron downwards. Then repeat many-many times until your princess curls are ready.

soengud hairstyles 7

soengud hairstyles 8

soengud hairstyles 9

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