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Nautical refers to the sea and to ships. There is a romantic image of life on the sea reflected in a navy jacket with brass buttons, a crisp white sailor’s uniform or a fisherman’s sweater.

All sailors and those whose occupation depends on the sea deal with the unpredictable nature and allure of the sea. Protection from the salt water, wind, and sun is a primary consideration along with allowing the mobility needed to perform the duties of their job on a ship among the ropes, nets, and sails.

Historic traditions in nautical dress continue to influence modern nautical apparel. Today’s nautical inspired fashion has almost nothing to do with the practicality of sailing gear. The inspiration comes from the timeless color combination of navy and white which is accompanied by the legendary stripes from a fisherman/sailor shirt.

I got this beautiful striped dress from Humana Vintage during my last Vintage shopping haul. The dress itself is older than I am but still looks amazing and current.

nautical mereteemaline 1

nautical mereteemaline 2

nautical mereteemaline 3

nautical mereteemaline 4

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