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I’ve been curious about mineral makeup for a while now and decided to try some out. The first brand I wanted to test is Estonia’s own Ontic MInerals.

Ontic Minerals cosmetics consist of naturally occurring minerals that have been carefully cleaned and grounded into a fine powder and then other natural ingredients have been added that are beneficial to your skin. The formulation is supposed to give your skin a natural glow and protection without harming it. Thanks to the transparency of micas, its smooth surface, excellent slickness and adhesion it leaves a youthfully smooth and gentle glitter on the skin.

Many wonderful things have been said about mineral makeup in general. I really needed to find out if all of it was true. I was expecting a miracle to be honest.

I decided to try out two looks. A natural look and something fit for a night out. I ordered their Flawless mineral foundation in Snowwhite and a lot of sample products to complete my makeup looks: Mineral eyeshadows Cool as ice, Kiss of a peacock, Vanilla sensei, Girls night out,Heavenly good, Dare to shine, Morning After, I think I’m pink. Also Mineral bronzer Sunkissed and Mineral  Pearl Highlighter.

I recieved my order and was slightly disappointed. The Mineral foundation came in a cute little jar but all the testers came in mini  grip bags with sticker labels announcing the contents- not the classiest packaging to be honest. I think packaging is important especially when you are given the illusion of buying a high end product.

The mineral foundation was the right color for my pale skin and blended perfectly. What I wasn’t happy about was the fact that it clearly brought out fine lines on my face that I really don’t like to remain visible. There was a little color discrepancy between the pictures on the website and the products that arrived. For instance eyeshadows Girls night out, Heavenly good, Dare to shine, Morning After, I think I’m pink were all almost the same shade- they looked different enough in their bags but had the same lilac undertone on the eyelids. Maybe because they weren’t as pigmented as I had hoped. The bronzer and highlighter were very good shades but you had to put a lot on to see the result.

In my first makeup look I used the foundation, highlighter, bronzer and a little bit of golden eyeshadow. The result was very simple and almost unnoticeable to be honest.

mineraalmeik mineral makeup ontic 1

mineraalmeik mineral makeup ontic 2

In my second makeup look I used the foundation, highlighter, bronzer and blue eyeshadow on the eyelids as well as mixed it with some water to create eyeliner. I wish the color would be more pigmented to give a stronger look but it actually seemed to get lighter when I added water to create a thick mix for the liner.

mineraalmeik mineral makeup ontic 3

mineraalmeik mineral makeup ontic 4

In conclusion I would like to say that I was not converted to mineral makeup. I’m going to try out some other companies products just to be sure this wasn’t a fluke but for now I’m staying true to my beloved YSL foundation that has never let me down.

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