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Today I want to talk to you about summer sandals. There are a lot of options for looking your best this summer and footwear should never be overlooked. Remember that flip-flops are NOT shoes and you need at least one pair of sandals to truly accentuate that gorgeous maxi dress you have hanging in your closet!


Minimalistic strappy sandals are a true wardrobe staple. They can be dressed up or down and you don’t need  a pair in every color. Just pick a neutral that will go with every outfit and accessory. I find nude tones and tan to be the most versatile during the summer months. Don’t forget that gold and silver are neutrals too!summer-sandals-sandaalidASOS FINLAY Leather Flat Sandals


Block heels are a much more comfortable option to stiletto heels. You have a lot more support and can walk around for hour without pain. I find heels to be more uncomfortable during the summer because of the heat and swelling and try to avoid wearing them if possible. image1xxl (1)Steve Madden Carrson Yellow Suede Block Heel Sandals


Gladiator sandals are gorgeous statement footwear to spice up any summer dress. There are a lot of cool DIY embellishments you can do like adding ribbons, pom poms or tassels. This style looks very flattering on people with longer legs. You should think twice before opting for this style if  you have short or thick legs because it will make you look considerably shorter.image1xxl (3)Daisy Street Lace Up Gladiator Flat Sandals


If you happen to be short like me and need a little lift to boost your confidence then this is the most comfortable style of heels out there. Wedges are more comfortable than any kind of heels and guarantee you a pain free stride. image1xxl (2)ASOS TALENT Tie Leg Wedge Sandals


If you need to go to an event in the blistering heat that calls for a close toed shoe then you can probably get away with wearing a caged shoe instead. This style is the most formal and not a complete necessity. I personally like to wear a similar style to business meetings.image1xxlASOS STARLET Caged Heels

This concludes my selection of summer sandals. I hope you all found something that is perfect for your personal style. Let me know in the comments!

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