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I’ve been practicing a plant based diet for a couple of months now. You can read about how and why I got started in my Mandatory Vegan Post. I thought going vegan would be harder than it has been. In fact it hasn’t been hard at all. I don’t miss or crave any meat or dairy products so all and all a smooth and satisfying transition contrary to the crazy myths about veganism .

I’d like to point out some awesome facts about veganism that might kill the misconceptions of vegans being a hungry bunch of weirdos once and for all!

Vegans and those who avoid animal products often have low rates of obesity, and on average weigh 5-20% less than meat eaters. Vegetarian diets on the whole are linked to lower BMIs, reduced risk of type II diabetes and lower incidents of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables lower rates of certain cancers, especially colon cancer. Read more on the topic here. Even being a “part time vegan”  eating plant based for a part of the day, or part of the week will have positive results on your health.


Vegans don’t spend most of their meals munching on raw vegetables. You can replace eggs and dairy in a lot of recipes. Sometimes it’s not about replacements but rather using science to recreate recipes so that you get the textures and flavors you crave without the animal products. Many of you don’t know that a lot of grocery staples are vegan. Here is a list from PETA of everyday products that are “accidentally” vegan.


It’s not just about being against cruelty to animals, large animal farms are draining our planet of natural resources essential for our survival. Nearly 20 percent of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry, putting factory farming ahead of transportation in contributing to the greenhouse effect. It takes about 40 calories of fossil-fuel energy to create every one calorie of feed-lot beef in the U.S. (compared to 2.2 calories of energy needed to create plant proteins). You can find a lot more info on the topic at  Vegan Outreach.


If you are interested in veganism but have no idea on how to get started try the Vegucated Challenge. There are two options to try. Either Go Vegan for a Month or Go Vegan within a Month. As a subscriber, you will receive one vegan “challenge” in your inbox every day for a month that shares a helpful tip or resource- How cool is that?

As always I’m very interested in your opinions on the topic. Let me know in the comments!



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