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I’d like to share my massive vintage shopping haul with you today. I went to two of the coolest second hand shops in Tallinn. The first is the legendary Paavli Second Hand from where I have fond shopping memories as a school girl. The second one is a recent favorite. Estonia’s most well known second hand store chain Humana ‘s Vintage boutique.

As I told you in my smart shopping article that you can find one of a kind items with amazing quality in second hands and vintage shops. I’ve been annoyed by the selection and the quality of clothing in regular stores lately so I decided to see what our second hand stores have to offer.

There are several reasons I haven’t frequented vintage stores in a while. Most of those stores can’t afford the rent in the city center so they are located in the outskirts of the city. I’m a new mother and any kind of trip (using public transportation and between the clothing rails) with a baby carriage is a nuisance. I asked my mom and grandmother to come along and see to the little one during my shopping spree.

I’m very glad I did because Paavli second hand is located on the third floor of an old factory with narrow stairwells and no elevator in sight. I still remember how cool it was to go to that store to hunt for retro clothing as a teenager. The clothes were in piles and you had to rummage through until you found something cool and pay for the items by their weight back then.

kaltsukas vintage

A lot has changed. Only the old factory building and cool clothes remain. They have just launched an online store, the clothes have all being washed and arranged on rails, sorted by size. And the prices are still super cheap. The choice of clothing reminded me of the UK. They had all the brands I liked to shop for while living there.

I bought a cool top with printed stars, khaki colored cardigan, a cute yellow button up with printed pixelated hearts, a dress with aztec prints, some button up shirts for my partner and trousers and tops for my little boy. The bill was less than I’d pay for a pair of jeans on the high street. Very satisfying!


Humana Vintage is a lovely little boutique with friendly atmosphere and lovely retro interior design offers a truly eclectic mix of clothes from past eras. I can’t imagine another place where you can buy clothing in so many different styles. My haul was no different. My favorite piece was a dress with a distinct 70’s flower pattern. The top part was obviously old fashioned and them too long but I’m going to have it altered and in result get a maxi dress for this summer that no one else has.

kaltsukas vintage

I also got two white skirts from the 80’s, a crazy knitted crop top with horses on, a striped dress, a patterned body, yellow button up with side slits, two silk scarves and a neon patterned bomber jacket. This is definitely the place to find items that are totally unique!

kaltsukas vintage

This was my massive vintage shopping haul and I can’t wait to style all of my “new” clothes and share the pictures with you. Tell me about your favorite destinations to hunt for vintage finds in the comments!


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